On-Site Lettering Service

Memorials often require lettering to be added after their original installation. Our company is equipped to perform this service right in the cemetery, with no need to remove the monument or marker from the grave site.

Repair, Restoration & Cleaning

Izenberg Goldberg Monuments can repair and restore damaged or aged memorials, in many cases as an option to replacing them. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the type of material a memorial is made from. Our staff is highly trained in professional cleaning techniques. We have produced amazing results on such jobs for entire cemeteries, as well as for individual burial plots.

Computerized Drawing

We show our families a computer generated scale drawing of their memorial for approval before any engraving is done. Our new computer design program offers the widest possible selection of floral designs, religious symbols, emblems and alphabets available anywhere. At our main sales locations, we can custom design your memorial on a computer right in front of you, allowing you maximum input at the point of selection.

Custom Etching Service

Izenberg Goldberg Monuments has the unique capability of creating beautiful and lifelike custom etchings on black granite memorials. Your loved one’s portrait, home, farm or hobby interest can be captured in exquisite detail by our talented artists. What we can accomplish is limited only by your imagination.

Specialized personalized service for Toronto, North York, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and the surrounding District. Installation anywhere.


If you have been thinking about a memorial, now is a good time to talk to Adir Lobart or Noam Friedman of Izenberg Goldberg Monuments. We are staffed with informed, impartial Monument specialists in a no-pressure, non-commissioned sales environment. Unlike many other Monument retailers, we design and manufacture our memorials at our own factory under our direct supervision, assuring the highest levels of quality, customer service and exceptional value and the absolute best personalized service available. Choose from many popular traditional designs or have a custom design created that will be a unique and lasting tribute.

Izenberg Goldberg Monuments offers a wide range of designs and colors at excellent prices to meet any need and budget. We invite you to discuss with us any memorial you may have in mind. If you wish, our experience will guide you through a wide variety of options and allow you to be comfortable with your decision. Computer produced customer layouts are available for final approval.

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